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Besides writing entire books, Dorit Whiteman writes chapters and articles.  The following list is a sample of her writing.  

You can read some of her articles by going to the bottom of this page.

Dorit Whiteman wrote a chapter in a book that won the prestigious Bruno Kreisky Award second place prize.  The name of the book in English is "Beyond the End of the Debate: Gedenkdienst as Participant in the Discourse on Austria's Nazi Past" and in German "Die Lebendigkeit der Geschichte: Kontinuitaet in Diskursen Ueber den Nationalsozialismus." Publisher: Roehrig Universitaet, St. Ingbert, 2001.  Dorit Whiteman's chapter is entitled: Emotional Adjustment of Concentration Camp Survivors and Escapees."  (In congratulating Dorit Whiteman for her participation in this book, she was told that second place is fine, considering  first place prize went to Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz.)

"The Saga or the Teheran Children" in The Hidden Child - Newsletter Published by Hidden Child Foundation/ADL; Vol.  XIII, 2005.   

"Return to Vienna?", a three part series of articles in the Nassau County Psychologist, Vol. 29 (#4), Fall 2002; Vol. 30 (#1), Winter 2003; Vol. 30 (#2), Spring 2003.

"Is Reconciliation Possible?  Former Austrian and German Refugees Speak,"  Austrian Journal "Gedenkdienst," No. 2/2002.

"Emotional Adjustment of Concentration Camp Survivors and Escapees." Chapter in book: Die Lebendigkeit der Geschichte (The Presence of History) Editors: Eleonore Lappen and Bernhard Schneider.  Roehrig Universitaets Verlag.  St. Ingbert 2001

"Can One Expect Anymore?"  Austria March 1938 to March 2002.  Chapter in book: Jenseits des Schlussstrich (Beyond the Endpoint) Editors: Martin Horvath and Anton Legerer. Loecker Verlag, Wien, 2002.

"Is there Hope for Austria?" Jewish Tribune, 2/1996

"Escapees' Attitudes Towards Self and the Inteviewing Experience." Zeitgeschichte 1990/91 Heft 7/8; Jahr 18.

Het Parool, Holland May 1990; "De Herinnering aan de 'Kindertransport.' " Recollectionof Dutch women's aid to the Kindertransport on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the German invasion.

Contributions to various Newsletters:

"Do the Escapees have a Permanent Consciousness of and Identification with being victims?"

"Emotional Adjustment of Concentration Camp Survivors and Escapees."

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A Long Overlooked Dimension of the Holocaust

New Perspectives (3 articles)

The Meaning of Restitution



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