"The Uprooted" - Reviews (Part 1)


"The Uprooted"

Voices of Those Who Escaped before the "Final Solution"


"�a valuable piece of Holocaust History."
"Kirkus Reviews"

"�[A] deeply insightful and moving work."
William B. Helmreich, Ph.D.,
Professor of Sociology, City College, New York, Author, "Against All Odds"

"Your psychological studies of the escapee cohort are very interesting to us because they complement our more historical and sociological approach to the topic.  It is refreshing indeed to hear from a clinical psychologist who does not over-emphasize the psychopathologies created by the traumatic upheavals of escapees' early years, but also acknowledges patterns of strength and resilience.  It will not surprise you that our statistical analysis of the United States Census has found that the escapee group on the whole has had extraordinarily productive and successful careers in their new country."  Professor Gerald Holton, Harvard University, Project Second Wave, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

"The book offers a masterly synthesis of historical and sociological data, survivor testimony, personal recollections, and sophisticated psychological insights."
Maria Rosenbloom, MSW, Associate Professor Emeritus of Social Work, Hunter College, New York

"Those who escaped are also witnesses; their voices, too, must be heard."
Elie Wiesel

"�A beautifully written book�starkly realistic description of the various measures taken by individuals to reach safety and wrenching tales of hopes too often thwarted and fears too often realized offer the reader deeper insights into the complex psychological adjustments necessitated by forced adjustments to alien environments."
"Martyrdom and Resistance"

Castle Gwyrch in North Wales. Orphaned children lived here with little supervision or food, and without beds, electricity or heat.





Jews queuing for necessary exit papers at the police station. Waiting times often lasted weeks, punctuated by beatings and arrests.

"A book of extraordinary value. Dr. Whiteman has re-created what would otherwise be lost history. For the first time, the story is told of the special vicissitudes of Jews who, without having been incarcerated by the Nazis, had to flee them. In effect, the study is part of an evolving body of Holocaust literature stressing not pathology but resilience. We experiencethe full power of what America meant to Jews who made their way here, reminding us of what this country can and should be. The significance of the author's work extends to the far reaches of human possibility."
Robert Jay Lifton, M.D.,
Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology John Jay College; Author, "The Nazi Doctors"


A check made out for $347.64 from the Austrian government to Lily Feldman in 1963 as compensation for the murder of her mother who disappeared after being deported to Poland.


"A necessary book, with a sound scientific basis, grounded in correspondence with Jewish refugees all over the world, and with an impressive overall interpretation by Dr. Whiteman."
Michael Mitterauer, Ph.D.,
Professor Social History, University of Vienna, Author, "History of Youth"

"The narrative helps us understand the complex physical, financial, and emotional adjustments needed to cope with survival." Together


"[A] book worth reading by anyone interested in one of the darkest periods in human history and the resilience of the survivors."
"Contemporary Psychology
Journal of Reviews"


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