I want to share my philosophy about therapy and about how I work so potential clients know what to expect.
Forming goals and acquiring skills: My aim as a therapist is to help the client gain a comfortable level of adjustment as quickly as possible.  While it is important to explore the past, the most essential aspect is to diagnose and gain insight into the client's current problem and help her/him to develop the understanding and skills to overcome the difficulty.  I believe that the therapist needs to take an active part in aiding the patient and finding a solution.
Individual or joint sessions: Together, the client and I determine whether he/she should be seen in individual sessions or, when appropriate and desirable, in combination with another person who forms an important aspect of the client's life, such as a spouse, a companion, a child or even a mother-in-law.  Sometimes a mix is advisable, so that a client may profit by varying individual sessions with sessions with a significant other.
Past experience: As I have been in private practice a long time, and as I have also been the Director of the Department of Psychology of the Flushing Hospital Mental Health Clinic, I have worked with people suffering from all kinds of problems, such as anxiety, depression, marital and family difficulties, social problems, work and school adjustment difficulties, post traumatic stress, adjustment to change in life situations and more.  My varied experience has helped me to acquire a large number of approaches and techniques which aid the client in overcoming her/his problems.
Dr. Dorit Whiteman


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