New Perspectives

Does Time Heal Wounds?  

Dorit B. Whiteman, a Holocaust escapee from Austria, was asked if time healed her feelings towards the country of her birth.  The question triggered a self-analysis.  Click here for what she discovered.


Is Reconciliation Possible?

To explore the current feelings of escapees and survivors towards their native lands, Dr. Dorit Whiteman used her training as a psychologist to formulate a questionnaire.   Click here for the results.


Survivors and Escapees: Their Strengths 

Dr. Dorit Whiteman, who is impressed by the strengths of survivors and escapees,  explores the strikingly different views of clinicians and researchers about the effects of the Holocaust.   She develops a "double track" theory and discusses treatment implications.   Her article is a "must read" for those trying to understand posttraumatic reactions of the Holocaust and of  9/11.  

Click here to read her article reprinted from the journal Psychotherapy.


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