"Those who escaped are also witnesses; their voices, too, must be heard."   Elie Wiesel        

Dorit Whiteman, herself an escapee from Nazi-occupied Vienna, Austria, tells survival stories of escapees from Hitler and Stalin.  

Uprooted in German

She is an internationally praised author.  Her books, The Uprooted,  Escape Via Siberia, and Lonek's Journey are riveting and inspiring stories of how immigrants found the strength to flee, survive, and continue to cope with the lasting effects of their harrowing journeys.  "A valuable piece of Holocaust History" (Kirkus Reviews), but you don't have to be a historian or social scientist to understand and gain strength from their experiences.   

She is an internationally renowned speaker at distinguished universities, libraries and other institutions.  Her appearances include the U.S. Holocaust Museum, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, radio, and television.  

A Holocaust consultant and researcher, she assisted with the movie, "Into the Arms of Strangers."  She helped establish the exhibit "The Terehan Children" at Queensborough Community College and is co-author of the text for its accompanying catalog book. Her talks and writing are backed by exhaustive primary research. Currently, she is conducting research on ex-refugees' attitudes toward Germans and Germany and Austrians and Austria. 

She tells about her own escape in this fascinating interview.  

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