Foreign Press

In addition to publications cited topically, the following is a sample of interviews and reviews about Dorit Whiteman and her work on the Holocaust, published in Austria, Germany, and Holland.

 Peculiar Calculations. Der Standard, Vienna, January 28th, 2006.

Op-ed published in Der Standard, Vienna September 24/25, 2005, The Meaning of Restitution or The Mouse that Roared.

Die Entwurzelten, IWK 4/96

Emigrantenschicksale, entwruzelt bis heute, Unser St. Poelten, Sept.95

For dem Holocaust gefluechted: Boehlau Verlag, 12/95

Heimkehr in die Fremde, Freitag, 11/95

Die Entwurzelten, Deutscher Pfarrerblatt, 9/95

Das Leben nach der Flucht, Freitag,6/95

Entwurzelte Generation, Neue Illustrierte Welt, April 1993

German Review: Entwurzelte Generation, Zeitgeschichte, April 1993


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