"Escape via Siberia" - Reviews (Part 1)



Escape via Siberia:

A Jewish Child's Odyssey of Survival

"An incredible way out of the holocaust leads a boy to a Siberian labor camp�by horse driven cart, rickety cattle trains, and leaky ships over heavily mined seas�through the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Omar, the Arabian Sea, Egypt and a final train to Palestine�unique�a valuable piece of Holocaust history."
"Kirkus Reviews"

Looking sad and mistrustful, orphaned Jewish girls arrive in Palestine carrying only tattered bundles.

"I enjoyed the book for a number of reasons.  To begin with, I find it very well written.  The manner in which the author has interwoven the story of Lonik with the history of that era is very well done.  Dr. Whiteman has provided the reader with history about a little known aspect of the Holocaust, the saving of Polish children via Teheran to Palestine.  I will be recommending that the Museum Shop consider stocking this book along with the other important works currently available to Museum visitors.  I know that many readers will find it as worthwhile as I have." Martin Goldman, Director, Survivor Affairs, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

"[R]ivetting reading and important because so little is known about the kindertransport from Russia"
William B. Helmreich, Author, "Against All Odds" and Professor of Sociology and Judaic Studies at CUNY Graduate Center of City College of New York


A welcoming crowd greets Jewish orphans in Palestine.

Gisela Warburg of Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America. With two other Hadassah members, she tirelessly worked to pressure England and the US to help Jewish orphans escape from Iran to Palestine.





Clutching each others' hands, Jewish children from Eastern Europe arrive in Palestine in 1943.

"Tells (a) unique story...Provides a depth not usually found in this type of book." Jewish Book World

"The book most certainly requires attention as a valuable piece of Holocaust history.  Escape via Siberia is an important contribution to the documentation of child survivors, particularly in its detail of the "Teheran Children."   AMIT


"Another unbelievable-but true-story of the resilience of Jews escaping the Nazis."
"Washington Jewish Week"

"Survival tale well told"
"The Jewish Post & Opinion!"

"Whiteman enhances an individual recollection with meticulous research and other interviews to offer a compelling story of one man that is emblematic of his people and of his generation�a powerful glimpse into the world of the Shoah."
Michael Berenbaum, Professor of Theology, The University of Judaism, Author, "The World Must Know" and "Witness to the Holocaust"

"�Tells the important and often overlooked story of the fate of the Polish Jews who fled to Russia�The triumph of the spirit dominates�Dorit Whiteman has filled in a gap in Holocaust literature with her moving and comprehensive book."
Gerald Posner, Author, "Mengele - The Complete Story" and "Hitler's Children: Sons And Daughters of Leaders of the Third Reich Talk about Their Fathers and Themselves"




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