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Although Dr. Whiteman combines her understanding of the Holocaust and of children from many years of experience as a clinical psychologist, while writing the book, she tested it with real children.  Such unusual pre-testing of a book reflects Dr. Whiteman's commitment to thoroughness and research. 

Dr. Whiteman submitted each chapter to a group of ethnically diverse children, varying in age from eleven to fifteen.  Each chapter was accompanied by two five-point rating scales: one scale provided the children with choices from "very interesting" to "boring", and a second scale varied from very "clear" to "very difficult".  In addition, the children were asked to comment about their reaction to each chapter.

The children rated the chapters consistently as "very interesting" and "very clear."  In addition, their comments reflected their involvement in the captivating power of this true story, their nail-biting suspense and their interest in this historical period. 


  • "This is a great book.  I know I am going to buy it for my personal library.  I love the ending and you can be sure, I will recommend it to my family and friends."  

  • "I couldn't put the book down and I thought a lot about its meaning."

  • "I love this chapter.  It put a big smile on my face to see prisoners and Lonek and family freed."

  • "This was most interesting.  I don't want it to end.  I need to know what happened."

  • "It seems that Lonek is moving along with his life and that keeps me on the edge of my seat."

  • "Great cliffhanger."

  • "An amazing chapter.  You have kept my interest all the while."  

  • "This chapter makes you want to read more."

  • "It gave me thoughts about what life I would have led if I was born in that time."

  • "This is a very good book for kids my age."

  • "It gives excitement with learning."

  • "This chapter was full of suspense."

  • "It was as clear as day."

  • "Cool!"


Click here to see reviews from middle school children about Dr. Whiteman's classroom talks on the Holocaust and her children's book.  Many chose to illustrate their comments with wonderful drawings.  They are from an ethnically diverse inner city area and mostly without personal acquaintance with Jews or knowledge about the Holocaust so Dr. Whiteman's discussions and her book promote multiethnic understanding.




As you can see, "Lonek's Journey: The True Story of a Boy's Escape to Freedom" is a fascinating adventure children can relate to and comprehend.  It conveys important Holocaust lessons for children of all backgrounds.  This is a book you will want to give to children, whether they are your grandchildren, your students, or any child to whom you want to teach resilience, courage, and values. 



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