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Author & Speaker

Books by Dorit Whiteman:


"The Uprooted: A Hitler Legacy" The many ways Jews managed to escape from the Nazis and how they reconstituted their lives.

Available in English in  hardcover and in paperback.

Also available in German: "Die Entwurzelten."

"Escape Via Siberia" The true story of a Jewish child's escape from Nazi occupied Poland and from a Russian gulag, the political background and the people who made the escape possible.
"Lonek's Journey; The True Story of a Boy's Escape to Freedom" A book for teenagers about an 11 year old Polish boy who survived a Soviet prison camp and together with a 1,000 orphans reached safety in Palestine (based on Escape via Siberia.) 


Clinical & Consulting


 Dr. Dorit Whiteman has a private practice in New York City for adults of all ages (18 and up), couples, and families.

Most insurance and HMOs accepted.


Dr. Dorit Whiteman


As a Holocaust author and speaker, Dorit Whiteman's documentary accounts show how escapees transformed tragedy into strengths and are inspiring to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.


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